Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Flat twists..... I'm actually getting better at it!

So, Fro is growing and sometimes she is a hot mess to deal with. Can't believe I even toyed with the idea of locking the darn mane to keep them in check! But hubby would never let me go through that coz he knows it's my shortcut to a second big chop! 😛😛😛. 
So here she is now, grown and thinks she runs the show.....
She looks a lil shrunken but that's coz she was straight from a wash. 
Next day after this wash I tried a flat twist to the front.

Not too shabby! 

Last night I was catching up on Sleepy Hollow. Decided to try some flat twists while watching TV. All I used was the shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie. Not even spritz. This cream is superb.

It makes my hair feel so soft!
I think my hot oil treatment did make a huge difference this time around. As I flat twisted, I didn't notice or hear any hair breaking or snapping as I went. So it must be stronger. Will try to do the oil treatments once a month or so. 

I'm impressed by my own work. Seems like after so many attempts, the angle and hand direction comes a little easier. 
I untwisted them this morning, with my hands laced with a dab of olive oil to prevent creation of frizz.

Not super crazy about the results but it's aaaight. 
When my hair grows longer maybe the strands will fall better. Moknowshair is my hair crush. Doubt my hair will ever be that long or full but a sister can only dream. You should check out her flat twists!! Hair porn. Seriously. 

What's your go-to style? 

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