Monday, March 24, 2014

The Crown of my Glory - The Afro Puff

Looking for a quick do that never fails in delivering elegance, class and grace? I love my afro puffs. And boy have the regenerated! From the TWA (teeny weeny afro) to my now grand puff, I have never been disappointed by this style.
My puffs have been the crown of my womanly glory.

With my newest bestest products, Shea Moisture, my crown is loving it and to have so many compliments at work about how soft my hair feels and how great it smells, I am sold for a looooong time on this line of products. Found them on sale at Sally's Beauty for 7.99 each (shampoo and conditioner). CVS had them for 14 bucks or so. Really? Think I have a dollar tree in my backyard? SMH.

Anywho, I had shampooed and conditioned my hair a couple of days prior but on a daily basis, I do some sort of moiturizing. For this particular day, I used the Shea Moisture restorative conditioner after touching my hair up with a little water in my hands. I combed through with my fingers to evenly distribute the conditioner (it's great as a leave in for dry hair but I had also used it as rinse-out after I shampooed). A wee bit goes a loooong way. Then I followed with a little bit of curl enhancing smoothie. These products smell aaaaaaamazing!!!

And I didn't want to stop touching my hair.... silky smooth!!! With my hair so baby soft, I even felt guilty using any edge tamer. So I didn't. Simply let the baby hairs be.Then I used a hair band that has loosened up enough that I could double up without giving myself a migraine. You know what I'm talking about. the bands that are so tight you get a face lift and a banging headache. For real!

With the doubled band at the edges of my hairline, I gently pushed it up slowly, less on the front end and more on the back to get the high top puff. I secured the band with three pins evenly set apart and finished with my flower. BAM! Done!

Awww, look at my puff all big and about the size of my head!!!!!!!!!
Dressed down, dressed up, doesn't matter. This is one easy go-to do when you do not feel like doing too much with your mane without sacrificing classy appearance.

Do you have any questions regarding any of the products I use on my styles? Simply comment and I will be sure to respond promptly.
It's your mane. Love it, live it, rock it.

Flexi rods - There is always a first time!

Ever hit a snag in your hair journey where you have no idea what to do with your hair? Yep, me too!!! So I was sitting surfing Amazon (I am an addict). Stumbled upon this supposed soft flexi rods that are easy to sleep in and you get defined curls..... hmmm. Alright......

Next thing I was watching out for the mail man and wondering why the P.O. seldom delivers to the door anymore. Finally got them but it was one of those weeks where work kicked my butt to near death and it wasn't until much later that I tried them.

I chose to use them on my dry hair since I did not have forever to wait for it to air dry. I was prepared for 8 hrs or so but that was it. Sista gotta go to work! and looking like Methuselah is by no means therapeutic to the patients. LOL!

Time frame, about 8 hrs. I slept in them and I think I may have rolled them too tight but otherwise, cushy enough that my scalp was cool with it.

Took them down and boy the volume it seemed to give my hair! I did not want to separate the curls for the fro I had planned for. So I just left it like that. 

Even went to the trail for a 3 mile run with it. Yeah, sexy and sweaty go together, agree? :-)

Girls don't sweat, they perspire. Just had to throw that in there. 😜

It took a lot of time for me to get the rods in place. But with more practice (and youtube videos) I think I will perfect the skill. I am sure placing them on someone else's hair would be a breeze just like the flat twists....Man, do I have a time with doing those on my own cabeza!!!!!

Have you ever used flexi rods? What is your opinion on them?

Thanks my dears and God bless you!

Two Strand Flat Twist Natural Hair Pompadour Updo