Tuesday, April 7, 2015

My hair needs keep changing....

At one point in my naturale life, Kinky Curly hair custard (weird but mustard sounded more right for a sec) was all I needed and my Fro and I were happy. Then a few years later my hair hated it! Mucousy, (I am British-influenced you see), and plain too heavy for my mane! Enter kinky curly leave in. Absolutely love that stuff! Fro decided she outgrew that too..... Dang!
Oh Cantu! Cantu made the leave in conditioner just for me! A little goes a loooong way!! I can still use it for my twists but not a quick leave in for a wash n go. Yucky mess. 
Shea moisture's curl enhancing smoothie is almost edible. That stuff is amazing! I have to be careful not to use too much anymore or my hair remains heavy for days. A dolop for the whole head. That's it! Used to be I needed to use it section by section. Not anymore. Fro ain't so greedy anymore I guess. 

It's been a journey of discovery and having to go along with Fro's needs and demands. At this juncture, seems like my good ole spritz still works its magic on Fro. I know moisture, temperatures, wind etc all factor in when it comes to what your hair needs. Different seasons, different needs.

Don't know if I'm the only one who has experienced issues with product rejection but I will sure Google to find out! 

One of these days I will figure out my winter/fall stash, spring stash, and  summer stash. Maybe even have a grey basket for the winter, green for spring, and yellow for summer. Orange for fall? I live in Texas. All I have is one barrel of stash.... Oak wood blinged with turquoise and a touch of leather. 😆. jk. Getting country-fied (country fried? lol!) here. Kidding. Sometimes I feel like a nut.... 😎sometimes I don't!

It's your mane, love it!

Mrs. Roulette

Crochet Braids with Marley hair.

don't even know why they call it crochet braids. I mean, it's a weave don't you think? 
I was going through a spell, and I was super tired of Fro driving me nuts. The mister knew it was coming..... Another failed attempt at a different do. And I was bent on it too! So I lived on YouTube. Lawd I did! 
Then I started having visions of myself as a hair pro. Pst! Then I decided to go at it.

So I tried and succeeded! This monster of a marley crochet braid was the ish! That night I mean. Then I woke up. Poof! Hair everywhere! My head was as big as my pillow. I could tell mister was not fond of it but he kept mum. Smart fella. 
See, the vision was for it to look like so,

On the wedding day that is, not after lol! 
I absolutely had not time the night before or morning of the wedding to re-dip the hair to create the look I was going for. So I bravely befriended the giant Fro. Next day was a dear friend's wedding. This naturale was going to rock it! 

The pic above was after I re-dipped the mess to tame it a little bit (days after the weddo). It wasn't that bad on the big day actually, except I think my head took more mega pixels than necessary in the pictures. 😛

There we are! Fro and I taking center! Looks fab though don't you think? The bride was stunning, and her girls? Well, we were super hot! Loved our dresses! 

Back to the hair story. 

Few days later, I had to do something different with my crochet weave. Ahem! Braid. 
Then another day...

Creativity fixes lots of messes. 
Would I do marley hair again? Prolly as twists, not crochet. Hubby later admitted texture was too rough and he didn't like it. Well, I didn't much care for it either! But those are truths we naturales take to the grave.... Lol!

I think I got my money's worth. But may be a loooong time before I considered crochet braids again. Maybe a curly type of hair. I have done that before but I didn't keep it long at all. 

So this caps off a metamorphosis story of the crochet braid/weave. Have you tried it before? Do you live on YouTube every time before you change styles? Or Google? 

Mrs. Roulette