Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Homemade daily hair moisturizing spritz for natural hair

Two tbsp. 100% glycerin
Two tbsp. avocado oil
2-3 drops 100% tea tree oil
1 cup pure aloe Vera juice
1/4 cup knot today leave in/detangler

7 bucks and some change at walmart for this big ole thing. Walgreens think they are sleek. Selling theirs for 12 bucks. Nkt. I took it back so fast! Shoulda known Sam got my back. :-) 
Guess where I found this stash tho! At the laxative aisle. Really??? So if it's drinkable, it's safe for my mane right? Whole new meaning to 'my hair is the sh*t.  ROTFL. I need to stop!!!!

Tea tree oil was 10 bucks. Cheaper at the  Body Shop but might be a smaller bottle. Hey, I'm frugal but who goes to the mall and leaves with just the one thing they budgeted for? So I resisted temptations. Went to A1 beauty. That Asian brother got eeeeeeee'rything!!!!
Knot today - 11 bucks at target, Urban Beauty etcetera. 

In a clear spray bottle, I mixed the above ingredients and shook it up. Amazing how it mixed together so well to produce a white creamy yet light solution for my daily use. 

Try it with different oils too, eg. add a bit of jojoba oil for more umph to your cocktail :-). Better yet, if you do not like tea tree's scent (I heard its good for preventing dandruff, scalp itching and also promotes hair growth) sub with your essential oil of choice. I coulda used a gallon with all that jazz about it.... but you would choke around me lol! Might try vanilla, orange or other next time. 

Planning on using it even if my hair is in braids. Working on a flat twist out right now. Will keep you posted on how my hair portion works with it. 

Ps. The aloe needs to be refrigerated once it's opened so my concoction (make small portions at time- 1-2 weeks worth is good) gets to claim a place in the ice box. Marking my territory y'all! Got junk and knickknacks all over the house so I guess it's marked already huh. :-)

So, my natural sistas. Moisturize, moisturize moisturize! It's the secret to healthy strong, shiny hair that looks alive and not dying. 

What do you do to curb breakage? This winter calls for measures to protect your hair from the harsh cold and dry heat indoors. 
It's your mane. Love it, live it, rock it!!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Do your natural hair products deliver?

As with a lot of hair naturalistas (is that a word?) I have a whole stash of products that promised lots of things. Some have more than delivered their promises, and some have been an outright rip-off. I give each product a couple of chances usually. 
This time my object of attention was the CurlMax curl pudding.

Bought it at Walmart early last year and hated it on the first use. But again I never read instructions..... still do not know how the manufacturer says to use the darn stuff :-). All I know is that the first time I used it, the slimy feel in my hands conjured up really ugly images in my head. And my mind is never in the gutter y'all (ha!).
Anyway, yesterday, second night of duty (vamp kind of life), i needed to give my edges a break from the poof. And it had to be a quick style. So, my hair is one of those really thirsty kind that breaks and screams for moisure every day no matter what. Instead of spritzing or using my hands to wet it with a lil water, I opted to shower without a cap. The humidity, heat and moisture from the shower was heaven to my hair. Then I remembered this lil acronym I keep reading about in NHBs (Natural hair blogs). Just came up with that too - LOC. Liquid, Oil, Cream. Okay, so liquid is on board (water), I followed with my homemade mousse of coconut oil, shea butter and jojoba oil combo. Then the cream was my all time favorite product Knot Today leave in/detangler.

Then I finished with the curl pudding and walaa!! I think I found a way to maximize its supposed attributes!

I love the soft feel of my hair. Wierd but the oil must have diminished the slimy feel!!! I dont see any caking or flaking at all and no dryness that's out of the norm for my hair after hours of working in a hospital under bright lights and purposefully very dry air. My mane is soft, the curls defined but very small for what I am used to getting with other products (looks like ringlets).
As for shrinkage with this combo of products, it was like 50% I think but I love my teeny weeny fro!I am sure if I was doing twist outs or double twists, I would have retained more length.

I think I will follow this routine often for an easy, on the go look.  Different hair types react differently to different hair products. Just because I achieved what was promised is no guarantee for the next person when they follow the exact same routine. Hair has life of its own, personality too. So its alright to write a product off if your hair was not too happy with it. There is a sea of produts out there.

I may have to dig deeper and see what other products I had written off and need a second chance. But on my mind is Cantu hair masque. Will tell you all about it when I give it a try. God bless you all and happy New year 2014!!!

I am all about loving my mane, and living it too!! It ain't that serious!!