Thursday, October 15, 2015

Mane Fatigue

Hello fellow naturales and lovers of all things hair!

So I have been going through a rough patch lately with Fro. Don't get me wrong. I still love her. I do. But she can be so demanding of my attention and tender love and care. It has never crossed my mind to break up with her. Noooo. But I have thought about trimming her back down to a teeny weeny fro. Maybe a length which I could just roll out the house without having to mess with her and the ton of products that litter my bathroom. But will I not regret it the minute the pair of shears finishes its sentence? Will my heart not break for the many wasted hours of care I have invested in Fro?

I am so tired! Mane fatigue. It has been my main fatigue lately LOL! I guess what brought it on was a duped hair appointment. African lady said she could do this one particular style I sent her a picture of....flat twist mohawk kind of do. My Kenyan behind trusted that a Senegalese hairdresser surely is a good hairdresser right? Wrong!

Courtesy of Google Images.

Cute right? Yeah! I thought I could rock that do and would really love it.
So I get there and I have the Expressions hair she said I would need. All 4 of them. Then she asks to see the picture again as she parted my hair. Then again, Then again. She is nervous! Her hands are shaking and I can hear the panic in her voice when she says it is harder than she thought. Breath. Just breath Dama!! I readjust my expectations and I still give her a chance. What about Senegalese twists? I showed her my FB pics of what size and length I like them. Says that is easy.

                                                                      My expectation

That is not what I got at all. Instead, pardon me for this horrible do that quickly came down due to how ashamed I was to be caught like that....

Girl! Here is the reality.

Imagine!! What's with all that space?

I freaking told her I always use up 4-4.5 bags of Expressions on every one of my Senegalese twist hair-dos!!! Why did she hand me TWO BAGS of leftover hair? I looked like a kanyuru! You know that bald chicken your mom used to have? Mine did. We had a couple of those funny looking chickens. The outcome of my hair reminded me of them. From now on, I will take breaks and look at a mirror every 5 minutes see what the hell is happening on my head. I was too trusting!Nkt!

I could very well have flushed money down the toilet. I was so upset at myself more than anything.

 I went to Supercuts after I took it down but the white boy wanted to charge me 25 to straighten and 40 to cut. Someone please explain why?? The white people get a 12 dollar haircut and mine will cost how much? What's the guy's name that is loud about black rights? Let's call him. Nope, never mind, his jerry curl is easy to maintain and he might be getting 12 dollar cuts.Shit!

Wait. I have trimmed my ends before in front of the mirror. Turned out just fine. I swear the short patch of hair at the crown of my head is unexplainable! :-)The mister has a Philips trimmer that has the attachments I could just trim my own hair. I am so tired!!

Days turn into weeks and I am still wallowing in indecision and frustration. We have a vacation coming up and there will probably be lots of swimming and water activities. Should I find someone else to do braids to make for easy maintenance? But do I want sand and all that in my braids? Maybe wait till I return. I might feel better about my mane. I might rekindle that love affair that used to have me giddy and excited with Fro. I will shampoo and condition daily to get all that salt and chlorine out while on vacay.

I have learnt the hard way and yet I still keep falling into the trap of hoping cheap will be hot this time. In trying to save money, (100 bucks was not too shabby for small senegalese right?) I lost money, time, and excitement for my mane. I see why one would rather pay 200 or 250 at Fina's and be assured she will love her hair-do. I have also gotten to discover more African hair stores with decent prices and hairdressers here in town. Driving to Dallas used to be an option hubby was more than happy to do to get me what I was happy about. Dallas is not off the list.

My point is, I am not always smiles about my hair. It drives me loca at times. I want to trim it, I desire a sew-in sometimes yet I know I can never keep it up more than two or three weeks. I want braids but I know I seldom keep them past 4 weeks. I freakin' don't know! My mane fatigue however, is temporary I know. I want to see my hair long, but then again a tapered cut just appeals to me so much at times. I am in the middle of indecision. So just like Khloé is sticking by Lamar's side at this tumultuous time in his life, I won't make any rash decisions regarding Fro's future. Shoot, they might just get back together; Khloé and Lamar. I will wait it out and see what tomorrow brings. Meanwhile, I still moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Fro is a hot mess now but it's all good.

Fro love never really dies does it. It is just a rough patch.

It's your mane, Love it.

Mrs. Roulette

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