Thursday, November 7, 2013

Mizizi - Intro

Mizizi. That is Roots in Swahili. Some people say they experienced redemption, others say they found their identity when they chopped off the fried (oops! permed) hair they wore for years. Others say it was a break from the enslavement by hair crack. I don't know about all that. I believe each person has their own reason to go natural. Correction, go BACK to being natural. After all, that was the original form, right?

Come to think of it, I really do not know exactly why I decided to chop my chemical-treated hair. Was it the money I kept shelling out for the sets and styles? I shell about an equal amount whenever I go to a natural hair stylist if not more. Was it the broken hair strands I kept seeing on my comb and sink that drove me to the shear? I still see those same hairs when I do not take care of my natural mane well enough. Was it a desire for a different look? A different appeal? I think I look fabulous either way. Oh, did the million blogs that exist and peer pressure convince me to go for the big chop? Nope! Matter of fact, I was sure going natural was not going to be necessarily easier for me (much as my tangles are easy to manage).

I just know that one day I was tired of my edges that a horrible full lace stylist 'lined' to create a hairline I did not ask for. I wanted my natural hairline (all around) back and I did not have the patience to wait to nurse it back while hiding it with more damage (weaves and more full lace wigs). So I went for the big chop. Exhillarating! In the mirror I saw the high school girl I was 13 years ago. Soft, natural, curly brown hair. I smiled...... I am still smiling.

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